1.8 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Recalled

1.8 million pounds of ground beef has been recalled due to multiple cases of E.coli bacteria. The ground beef being recalled was produced in Detroit and was shipped to restaurants in Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

Wolverine Packing Company issued the recall after The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service identified 11 cases of E.coli linked to the beef.

The recalled products have an establishment number “EST. 2574B” and will have a production date code in the format “Packing Nos: MM DD 14″ between “03 31 14″ and “04 18 14.”

E.coli is is a potentially deadly bacteria. Symptoms may include nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dehydration. Remember when cooking ground beef to cook thoroughly and wash hands and anything the beef comes in contact with should be washed thoroughly.

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Playtex Recalls 1.4 Million Pacifier Holders

Playtex has recalled 1.4 million pacifier holders because the clips can break and cause a choking hazard to babies. The clips attach to a pacifier then can be attached to a piece of clothing, a diaper bag, stroller etc.

About 100 complaints have been reported but no injuries have been filed. The pacifier holders were made in China (no surprise). The recalled holders were sold in pink with a flower, blue with a tow truck and green with a monkey.

The recalled holders were sold between July 2010 and October 2013.  Any one who is concerned about these products can call Playtex toll-free at 888-220-2075 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

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Happy New Year

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Motrin Infants’ Drops Recalled

Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil division has voluntarily recalled three lots of its popular Concentrated Motrin Infants’ Drops Original Berry Flavor. The berry drops may contain tiny plastic particles. J&J has determined the plastic particles were from a third party supplier of Ibuprofen which is the active ingredient in Motrin Infant Drops.

Motrin Infant drops are used as a fever reducer and pain reliever for children under two years old. Three lots of Concentrated Motrin Infants’ Drops Original Berry Flavor 1/2 Fluid oz. bottles have been recalled. 

Lot numbers

No other Motrin products were included in this recall.

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3 Deaths Linked To Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana has become extremely popular over the last few years, and with its popularity have come may deaths. The latest synthetic marijuana deaths have been in Colorado. Three deaths and at least 75 hospitalizations have been reportedly linked to this poison.

The Colorado Department of Health is being cautious and saying they are investigating the deaths and are not positive they are from the synthetic weed.

These synthetic drugs are sold under the guise of incense and are smoked just like pot, either rolled or smoked through a pipe. The illegal substances have many names such as K-2, crazy monkey, spice, black mamba, Mr. smiley and blaze just to name a few. Synthetic pot is usually a mixture of plant and herbal materials which are then laced with chemicals that often enhance the high and are then toxic.

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