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What We Should Know About Antibiotics

What doctors fail to tell us when taking an antibiotic is to also take a probiotic.  Although we are taking the antibiotic to fight off infection we are also killing good bacteria. This good bacteria living in our intestines is … Continue reading

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Onions, Garlic And Scallions Potent Vegetables

We have heard about the potent health properties of garlic for many years, lets discuss the tremendous health benefits of onions and scallions. Researchers from around the world have confirmed allium vegetables such as onions, scallions and garlic are proven … Continue reading

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Hepatitis C Risks, Symptoms & Treatment

Almost 2 percent of Americans are infected with Hepatitis C according to the Centers For Disease Control. The scary part is that about half the people infected don’t know they have it. Hepatitis C is an infection of the liver, which can … Continue reading

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Calorie Counting Accuracies And Inaccuracies

Due to busy schedules, many of us are eating out more often.  While doing so, people have become more calorie conscious.  With restaurants now posting the calorie count, Dr. Susan Roberts from Tufts University decided to find out just how accurate … Continue reading

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Cocoa (Cacao) Bean Powerful And Healthy

The Cocoa bean (Cacao) is being hailed as one of the super foods with health benefits galore. The cocoa bean is packed with antioxidants, catechins and flavonoids that fight disease and are brain and body enhancing. Cocoa has shown positive results in … Continue reading

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