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Aspirin Lowers Colorectal Cancer In High Risk Patients

An aspirin a day has been the remedy for heart care for a long time, now there is another perk to aspirin. People with Lynch syndrome, a  genetic disorder which raises the risk of colon cancer may get huge results from … Continue reading

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Bad News For Black Licorice Lovers

If you’re a big fan of black licorice as I am this news may dampen the Halloween spirit. The Food And Drug Administration warned that adults over 40 that eat 2 ounces of black licorice a day for two weeks … Continue reading

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Florida Babies Born Addicted To Prescription Drugs Video

Watch the latest video at Warning the above video is quite disturbing. All Childrens Hospital in Tampa Florida has seen a tremendous rise in babies born addicted to prescription drugs. In the Neonatal intensive care unit 24 out of … Continue reading

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Boy 13 Dies After Smoking Synthetic Pot

This is a tragic story that should serve as a wake up call for parents as well as children. A Pennsylvania boy has passed away as a result of smoking synthetic pot. The eight grader smoked the synthetic marijuana out … Continue reading

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Wegmans Market Recalls 5,000 Pounds Of Pine Nuts

Wegmans Food Market yesterday (10-27-11) recalled 5,000 pounds of Turkish Pine nuts that may be salmonella contaminated. Wegmans is an upscale food market with 79 locations throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and Maryland. The Turkish pine nuts were … Continue reading

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