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New Drug To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Vivus has received U.S. approval of their new drug Stendra (Avanafil) to treat men with erectile dysfunction. The new drug will compete against the other four drugs used to treat E.D, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Staxyn. One of the advantages … Continue reading

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Dental X-Rays Linked To Brain Tumors

A recent study has linked dental X-Rays to non-malignant brain tumors. Ionizing radiation is the type emitted from X-rays. The study out of Yale looked at 1,400 people with meningioma (non-malignant) brain tumors, the patients were between the ages 20 … Continue reading

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Video: Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer To Get Drunk

The latest idiotic trend taking place by teenagers is drinking hand sanitizer, yes hand sanitizer. Doctors in Southern California are warning parents about the hand sanitizer buzz after 6 teens were treated for alcohol poisoning. Hand sanitizer contains about 60 … Continue reading

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Smartphone App May Be Used To Detect Oral Cancer

The technology advances are never ending and now a new smartphone app may be the latest device being used to detect oral cancer. The creater of this new device Manu Prakash, a bioengineering professor at Stanford came up with the … Continue reading

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FDA Warns Fentanyl Patches Are Hazardous Around Children

The Food And Drug Administration issued a warning today about the dangers fentanyl pain patches pose to children. The Fentanyl patch which goes under the brand name Duragesic is a narcotic that should only be used under direct supervision of … Continue reading

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